logo sns Why us

Look around. So many Security Companies to pick from. Why opt for SNS? What is this that basic distinguishing characteristic, property and quality that distinct us from the crowd? What are these special features that will make someone consider SNS?

It’s not that we are compliant with ALL industry standards. It’s not that we follow every set and accepted rule; we do it from the start, since the company was incepted. Plus these standards for us are the bottom line, unlike other PMSCs out there that just declare following them, but just stay in words and not deeds. We on the other hand build, upon the standards, we add value to them and go beyond and above.

First of all SNS is the PMSC that aspires to become the top of the class, to reach for excellence. This is our incentive, the driver that propels us to offer the best service in the industry.

We are cost effective.
We may not be the cheapest but we’re definitely ‘’the best bang for the buck’’.

Many piracy experts, who disapprove arming commercial vessels, bring forth the argument of the increased risk of injury to crewmembers caught in the crossfire. Well, they are absolutely right that’s the rule. However, for every rule to be valid there has to be one exception. Piracy experts totally err when it comes to SNS on-board team deployment.

It is true that crews are not trained in the use of weaponry and are therefore at risk for accidents stemming from the misuse of weapons. However, once you have SNS team deployed on board your vessels there no such risk. SNS teams guarantee not only deterring and dissuading the potential piracy perpetrators but also the safety of all souls. Our presence drastically reduces the risk of accidents, as we are extremely successful in transforming the average ship’s company to a cohesive and integrated crew.