Who we are

We are a group of highly motivated individuals, accomplished professionals, with a common vision.
We are so similar and yet so different that this is making us stronger. We all have careers that revolve around the sea and cover every aspect of the security business at sea.

We are focused yet open minded, resolute but flexible, dexterous and wise, a team that believes in the power of collective capacity, which escapes from routine issues with the application of rigorous planning.

Our team comprises of ex Special Forces people, individuals from the military and the maritime industry. Our training is of the highest standards. We’ve been trained and educated by the best, in training grounds, in academia and on-the-job. Our professional careers saw deployments in several missions around the world. We having worked in diverse environments and always excel in our business.



Senior management

The founders and directors of SNS (the Managing Director, the Deputy Managing Director and Operations Supervisor) are former Navy SOF decorated experts with multiyear service and experience. They have served multiple assignments in various challenging positions.
Their experience and operational background derives from taking part in operations in the Red Sea (Dessert Shield), the Persian Gulf (Enduring Freedom) and the Gulf of Aden (Operation Atalanta), just to name the most recent. 



Ops team

Our Ops team is comprised of professionals that have been in operations for many years.
Operations were their bread and butter of their former careers and they have a crystalized view of what to do,
when to do it and how to act efficiently.

They are available 24X7 and maintain full redundancy in their scope.



Teams on board

Our teams on board have been through an extensive screening process that abides with the standard industry requirements (clean criminal record, military background etc.) and goes further. We keep a stringent database with full documentation of certificates etc. for each and every one of our partners.

All our team members are ex SEALs with vast experience and unmatched professionalism. Their specialized and extensive Maritime training in SEAL platoons and on-board, provide them the necessary knowledge - skills and abilities to train your crew, exploit technology to acquire and maintain maritime awareness and increase the defenses of the ship in accordance with the latest Best Management Practices (BMP 3 & 4). Just to provide you an idea of the quality our people, one of them has been member of working groups that concluded the BMP manuals.

They are all with a long- standing presence at the Maritime Security Industry and a proven track record of hundreds of vessel escorts in High Risk Areas.