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Sea Nemesis Security (SNS) Ltd. is the Private Maritime Security Company you can trust for peace of mind, with turnkey solutions against piracy and other unlawful acts against your vessels.

And while this is the pinnacle of our sea-going activities, we also deliver specialized products for any of your maritime security necessities. Just to name a few: ship-specific security and crew safety assessment, preventive measures that augment security and safety onboard in a cost effective way and pre-transit threat and risk assessments (T&RA) based on the best intelligence one can find, for safe and effective passage planning.

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Why us

Look around. So many Security Companies to pick from. Why opt for SNS? What is this that basic distinguishing characteristic, property and quality that distinct us from the crowd? What are these special features that will make someone consider SNS?

It’s not that we are compliant with ALL industry standards. It’s not that we follow every set and accepted rule; we do it from the start, since the company was incepted. Plus these standards for us are the bottom line, unlike other PMSCs out there that just declare following them, but just stay in words and not deeds. We on the other hand build, upon the standards, we add value to them and go beyond and above.

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SNS provides security solutions

It’s unimaginably simple: just pick the right people, set them in the right place in the right time. Our teams, either that of senior management, or operations joined with risk & threat assessment team, or security teams deployed on board, have a set of specific competencies, specialties and expertise that once combined they form an unbeatable group of professionals.

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Our presence on board not only guarantees the best possible protection, but also continuous training of crew, in tune implementation of BMP practices.

The team transfers BMP spirit and word to the crew and brings crewmembers up to speed with the norms it sets. The best of all is that the feedback we have from our customers proves that the BMP practices given to the crew, by SNS teams as continuous training, have a long lasting effect to crewmembers maritime security awareness. This another hedge point between SNS and competition.

We are cost effective. We may not be the cheapest but we’re definitely ‘’the best bang for the buck’’

SNS closely follows and implements all relevant IMO circulars and guidelines; it works closely with P&I Clubs (e.g. North Of England, West of England etc). We follow the BIMCO GUARDCON but we’re agile enough to provide our clients with custom solutions as they wish.

Our ops team is tireless, working 24X7, supporting the teams on board and acting as a liaison between the CSO and the Shipping Company management and the team deployed.

The founders and directors of SNS (the Managing Director, the Deputy Managing Director and Operations Supervisor) are former Navy SOF decorated experts with multiyear service and experience. They have served multiple assignments in various challenging positions.
Their experience and operational background derives from taking part in operations in the Red Sea (Dessert Shield), the Persian Gulf (Enduring Freedom) and the Gulf of Aden (Operation Atalanta), just to name the most recent.

Our teams once on board keep a very close contact with the crew. They integrate with them and become part of the crew. Then the crew feels like our people like an indispensable part of them that are there not only to protect them in case of a piracy attempt, but also to train them, to move them to the next level of maritime awareness and vigilance.