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CONOPs (CONcept of Operations) details

A wise man once said: ‘‘if you want a new idea, then read an old book’’. While piracy and unlawful acts at sea go back in the past as the history of humans in the waters, nowadays there’s an increasing interest in the security of maritime communications against piracy.

There are also many who declare that they are security providers. Seemingly the industry is flourishing. The reasons are many, but let’s face it, for most in providing such services the main incentive is a quick buck. So the question now is if this is what you, the CSO or the SQ manager, or the Ops manager the Ship Owner and/or Operator would like to do: leave in a facade where you are supposedly protect your assets? Is this really? This is why SNS is here and aspires to transform the services, to provide you with real tactics that work, that ensure your crew ship and cargo are safe.

We’re here to offer security services that really matter, that make a difference, that are not the cheapest in the industry, but are cost effective and rely on solid tactics and CONOPS (concept of operations). The main pillars of our mode of operations are ‘’the means’’ we use, our ‘’Security Concept’’ stemming from unremitting brainstorming leading to continuous concept ‘’fine-tuning’’ and the application of ‘’industry standards’’.