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It’s unimaginably simple: just pick the right people, set them in the right place in the right time. Our teams, either that of senior management, or operations joined with risk & threat assessment team, or security teams deployed on board, have a set of specific competencies, specialties and expertise that once combined they form an unbeatable group of professionals. This group guarantees the safe passage of your vessel through the high-risk areas. We achieve that by incorporating specialized knowledge, mastery of exceptional skills, methodological chain of thought and special abilities stemming from career long experiences.

We are deploying our specially selected security groups, by scrutinizing each member’s past performance and character building blocks, either that be in the physical, psychological or professional aspect. We measure and evaluate their abilities to form a team that will be an asset for each vessel embarks on – board. We have a stringent system of feedback in place that provides not a rough picture but a complete image of each and everyone’s performance at sea.


Our ops team is tireless, working 24X7, supporting the teams on board and acting as a liaison between the CSO and the Shipping Company management and the team deployed.


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